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There are surmountable amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Florida, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Florida has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Florida has, you can expand your field from an accountant license all the way to becoming a therapist. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which Florida has to offer. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance.

Florida Accountant License

In order to obtain your CPA license in Florida you’ll first need to complete a bachelor’s degree with a total of 150 semester hours of required college education. Verification of licensure in Florida requires a bachelor’s degree from a state-accredited college. You’ll need to complete 36 semester hours of accounting courses and 39 semester hours of general business courses. Once you’ve fulfilled the educational requirements per the Florida board, you must now study for and complete the Uniform CPA examination. You must now send an application in order to take the examination along with a required $50 fee to the The Florida Board of Accountancy. Once you’ve passed all the sections of the Uniform CPA examination you’ll be ready to gain the necessary experience as a requirement to become a licensee. You’ll need to gain experience by being employed and using skills such as accounting or consulting, you’ll need to complete 20 hours a week for a minimum of 104 weeks. Finally, once you’ve gained your required hours of experience you’ll need to apply for the licensure process, you’ll need to submit your application for licensure with a required fee of $50. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure you’ll need to maintain your license by continuing education, you’re required to complete 80 (CPE) continuing professional education credits every two years.

Florida Adjuster License

In order to become a licensed claims adjuster in the state of Florida you’re required to be at least 18 years or older and must be a resident of the state of Florida. The first step in obtaining your license is to make sure you’ve completed all required coursework and experienced hours at a state-accredited college in Florida. When you’re ready you’ll apply for and pass the Florida board state exam, once you’ve passed the exam you’ll then apply to become a licensee. Once you’ve passed the exam you’ll apply for licensure through the Florida Department of Agriculture, along with your application you’ll submit a background check and your fingerprints. Once you’ve submitted the application you’ll await for acceptance of licensure, and you’ll make sure to maintain your license by continuing education of 24 hours every two years.

Florida Agriculture Dealer License

A Florida Agricultural Dealer license is usually needed by those who are resellers of agricultural products. If you’d like to handle, buy, or negotiate agricultural products you’ll need to be licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture. The first step in obtaining your license is to complete the Florida Agricultural Dealer License, once you’ve filled out the application it’s time for you to obtain a Florida Agricultural Dealer Surety Bond. The cost of your license will be determined by the surety bond amount that you’ve put in, your license fee may cost anywhere from $170-$300. The final step is to submit your application to the state Department of Agriculture and await your acceptance of licensure. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure, you’re now able to practice freely with your license.

Florida Attorney License

The first step in obtaining your Florida attorney license is to complete all pre-licensing courses and graduate from an American Bar Association-accredited law school before taking your state bar exam. Once you’ve obtained your bachelor’s degree, it’s time for you to take your law school admission test. You must register and pass the (LSAT) Law school admission test which is required by all ABA-accredited law schools, and preparing for this test is part of the process of licensure and certification. The next step is to attend the state-approved law school you’ve been accepted to after you’ve passed the LSAT examination, and submit all transcripts through to the state board. You’ll need to work and study hard in order to receive your (J.D.) Juris Doctor Degree which is required in order to take the Florida state bar exam. Once you’ve received your J.D. degree you’re now eligible to sit and take the general bar exam. You must pay the required fee of $600 in order to sit and take the examination, unless it is your first time taking the Florida state Bar exam the required fee will $1,000. Finally, once you’ve passed the state board bar exam and are admitted to the Florida Bar, you’ll be guided by one of the leading organized bars in the state to find you a suitable position to freely continue your profession as an attorney.

Florida Auction License

If you want to get into the vehicle auction business, Florida is the place to be. Car auctions might be a huge win. It is beneficial to both the dealer and the buyer. But, you’ll require an auto dealer license from the FLHSMV if you sell more than three autos in a year. And whether you pick an independent motor vehicle dealer (VI) license or a motor vehicle auction dealer (VA) license, the process is nearly the same. This article will give you all the necessary information about the Florida auction license, its costs, and its requirements.

Florida Auto-Dealer License

The first step in obtaining your auto-dealer’s license in Florida is to determine the license type you’ll choose in your required field. Once you’ve chosen which type of auto-dealer license you’ll practice under, you’ll need to attend a pre-licensing training course for which you’ll receive a certificate. The next step would be to obtain a permanent business location which must uphold the requirements of the regional office responsible, a compliance officer will come to inspect the business location and decide if it is deemed suitable for a business site. Next, you’ll need to compile a list of required documents; A copy of registration of business, Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement, A sales tax number, Federal employer identification number, and fingerprints and applicable fees. Next, you’ll need to obtain proof of liability insurance and obtain your auto-dealer bond. The cost of your auto-dealer bond is based on your financial strength.

Florida Barber License

Salons of Florida will not hire such a good master as you if you don’t have a license. For getting it, you should complete at least 1000 hours of training courses. Topic selection depends on the certificate type. There are two main types: a barber, and a restricted barber. However, services that restricted barbers may perform are limited.

After education, you need to apply for the final exam. Applications can be made online and offline. Passing the test will be the key to your new career.

Florida Business License

In order to obtain a business license in Florida you must first determine what type of business practice you’d like to run. The business structures you may choose from include; Profit or Not-For-Profit, Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Sole Proprietorship. Once you’ve decided what type of business you’d like to run you’ll register your business with the (DOS) Department of State, you’ll register the following to the DOS; Business Name, place of business and mailing address, registrar’s name, address, and signature, and a required fee. Once you’ve finished this process and registered your business name and document, you must register for an (IRS) Internal Revenue Service (EIN) Employer Identification Number so that you may open a business bank account and establish credit for your business. The next step is to register with the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) in order to properly pay sales and use taxes. Finally, once you’ve completed these steps it’s time for you to apply for your Florida business license by applying to Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation and submitting your business information and status in order to practice freely and become a licensee.

Florida Cannabis and Marijuana License

Cannabis recreational use is banned in Florida. Possessing even a little amount of marijuana is an offense. The law is strict. It also defined the punishments for cannabis adult use.

However, medical marijuana is legal in FL. It has been legal since 2016. The law received the support of the majority of voters. It required only 60% of voters’ approval. But 71% of voters were for the law. The law is also known as Amendment 2.

Florida Contractor License

The first step in obtaining a contractor’s license in Florida is to decide whether you’d like to become a registered contractor or a certified contractor, a certified contractor may work as a contractor throughout the whole state, and a registered contractor allows you to work at a local level at either a city or a county. The first step before applying for licensure is to decide what type of business entity you’re going to perform under, whether you’ll work under a corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Company), or partnership, and must register to the Florida Department of Revenue. The next step is to provide proof of financial stability by submitting a credit report for you and your business. Next you must provide proof of completed education and work experience, you must provide at least 4 years of educational experience at a state-accredited college, and 1 year of supervisory experience. You’ll also need to complete and pass the Florida contractor license exam and submit your passing score to the state department as well. Finally, once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ll need to obtain a contractor’s license application and submit it to the Division of Professions for license verification. Make sure to pay the required fee of $249 along with your license application in order to be accepted for licensure approvals by the state.

Florida Cosmetologist License

In order to obtain your cosmetology license in Florida you must first complete 1,200 hours of school program hours of a state-accredited cosmetology program. You’re required to be at least 16 years of age or older and obtain a high school diploma in order to enter a cosmetology program. The next step is to submit an application to the state board to take the Cosmetology license exam and pay the required examination fees. Once you’re ready, you’ll take the required exam and pass both portions which include, theory and clinical. Once you’ve completed and passed the examination, in order to be accepted for license verification you’ll need to complete a 4-hour training course on HIV/AIDS. Finally, once you’ve completed all these steps you’ll need to submit your proof of graduation from cosmetology school, completion of the exam, and completion of the HIV/AIDS Course along with your application for licensure. Once you’ve completed all these steps, make sure to pay the required fee for your application and once you’ve received your licensure approvals, you’ll be ready to freely practice as a licensed cosmetologist.

Florida Driver License

For Florida drivers license renewal you don’t need to pass Florida drivers license test.

For Florida drivers license address change you need to contact the DHMSV Driver License Service Center.

So, to apply for your DL make Florida drivers license appointment and meet the Florida drivers license requirements.

In the state of Florida, you are not allowed to drive a car without having a driver’s license. For a class E driver’s license, you must complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course, pass a knowledge exam, a vision test, a hearing test, and a driving test.
Depending on your age you can apply for the Class E Learner’s License, Intermediate License, and Full-Privileged License.

  1. Learner’s License. If you are from 15 to 18 and want to drive a car in the state of Florida, you may apply for and obtain a learner’s license. According to Graduated Driver License (CDL) laws, it’s the first step of the Florida driver’s license obtaining process.
  2. Intermediate (teen) driver’s license. If you hold your learner’s license for at least 1 year, you can apply for the intermediate license. It will allow you to drive without a licensed supervisor. But there are restrictions you have to follow.
  3. Full- privilege Driver License. If you already have an intermediate driver’s license the only thing you need to do is pass a driving test, take a photo of yourself and pay $48 for your new full driver’s license. But if you are 18 and are going to apply for the license first-time scroll down to learn more.

Florida Electrician License

The first step in obtaining your independent electrician license is to complete 4-5 years of documented experience and 144 hours of coursework education at a state-accredited college. The next step in order to make sure you get the right technical experience is to join a union apprenticeship program so that you may work as an intern and gain the necessary experience under a licensed supervisor. The next step in obtaining your Electrician license is to take the examination required to become a journeyman electrician. To obtain a certification of completion you must complete 3 years of experience in the work field and pass your Journeyman electrician exam. The next step is to earn a master electrician certificate in order to acquire your license at a later period. Master electricians gain more experience and knowledge than an everyday general electrician would, you must complete 2 years of work experience as a general journeyman electrician before passing your master electrician journeyman examination. Your final step is to apply for licensure as an independent electrician, to become certified by the state you must have completed 4 years of experience in your field, pass both certified contractor licensing exams, and provide proof of general liability and property damage insurance 30 days prior to receiving your license.

Florida Engineer License

The first step in becoming an engineer and obtaining your license in Florida is to make sure you’ve completed all pre-licensing courses and required work experience hours. You must earn a bachelor of science degree in engineering or engineering technology at a state-accredited college institution. Once you’ve completed these steps you must pass two sections of examinations, the first is exam is the (FE) Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, and the second is the (PE) Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam. When you’ve completed and passed both exams with a score of 70% or higher, you’re next step is to gain the required experience in the work-field to be eligible for licensure. You must make sure to gain this experience under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Finally, once you’re ready to apply for licensure, you’ll do so with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. Make sure to include all the hours of experience you’ve completed along with your passing examination scores with a required fee of application, once submitted you’ll await for licensure approvals and may practice freely as an engineer in the state of Florida.

Florida Insurance License

In order to obtain your Florida insurance license, the first step would be to complete all your pre-licensing courses and complete the state-approved number of coursework hours. Once you’ve completed your required education, it’s time for you to apply for your insurance agent license. There’s an application fee of around $50 and License ID fee of $5, when you’re filling out your license application form make sure to include your credentials and coursework hours. Before obtaining your license you must submit submit your fingerprints and pass a criminal background check per the state of Florida, there is a $45.80 required fee along with your submission of fingerprints. Your next step would be to prepare for and complete the state Insurance licensing examination. Finally, once you’ve completed and passed the state exam, it’s time for you to pass the application review which is approved by the state of Florida. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure you’ll receive a certification of licensure via mail and may freely start practicing as a licensed insurance agent.

Florida License Plate Lookup

Florida required its residents to get a license plate in 1906. But the residents should provide themselves with a license plate. Because at first, FL didn’t issue plates.

Florida was the last state in the US to issue license plates to its residents. It only happened in 1918.

For the first time, “FLA” appeared on the license plates. It was made of leather. However, leather was replaced with metal in 1919.

Since 1918 FL issued both front and rear license plates for the vehicle. But it had a short life. The law lasted only for 4 years.

Florida Marriage License

The same way as other states, the state of Florida also requires getting a marriage license when getting married. If you and your significant other want to legally get married in Florida, then you will need to obtain a Florida marriage license. For the license, you must apply to the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court. There are also certain requirements of age, gender and more. In other words, there is a minimum age requirement to meet before you can legally marry your partner, with or without parental consent. In similar fashion, you must learn whether same-sex marriages are legit or not in the state. You will also need to take a premarital preparation course and receive a valid certificate of completion.

Florida Medical & Physician License

In order to obtain your Florida physician’s license you’re required to graduate from an accredited allopathic medical school have at least 1 year of post-graduate training. Once you’ve completed these requirements you must complete 3 sets of exams in order to determine whether you’re eligible for licensure, you must pass the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), NBME(National Board of Medical Examiners), and the FLEX (Federation Licensing Examination). Once you’ve passed all these exams you must demonstrate clinical competency by passing a board approved clinical competency examination a year before filing your application for licensure. The next step is to fill out your application for licensure while including your required hours of coursework and post-graduate training, and your passing examination scores, the full medical license applications fees will cost around $955. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to submit a criminal background check along with your fingerprints for scanning in order to be eligible for licensure. One of the final steps before obtaining your license is the Medical Board Review, the state board will review your application for licensure and go over your exam scores and verification forms in order to decide if you will be accepted for licensure. Once the board has accepted you for licensure, you’ll be able to practice in the state of Florida independently or with a medical group.

Florida Pharmacist License

The first step in obtaining your Florida Pharmacist license is to obtain a degree from a school of pharmacy accredited by the state of Florida. Once you’ve obtained your degree the next step you should take is to complete a total of 2080 internship hours at an internship program approved by the state board, this will help you gain the clinical experience you’ll need in the future. Once you’ve obtained your degree and finished your required number of internship hours, you must pass both sections of the state exam. First, you must pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX), and the Multi-state Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE). When you’ve received both passing exam scores your next step should be to obtain license verification. Finally, when you’ve completed these steps you’ll fill out the pharmacist license application which must include your passing exam scores, completed internship hours, and degree certification. Now that you’ve completed all the required steps you must await for your license via mail, and once you’ve received your license the state board will approve you as a licensee, and you’re free to practice as a pharmacist in the state of Florida

Florida Plumbing License

The first step in obtaining your Florida plumbing license is to decide which type of plumbing license you need, either a certified plumber or a registered plumber. In order to be a registered plumber you must be at least 18 years of age or older, and must obtain a passing score on all parts of the Florida State Construction examination. In order to apply for licensure you’ll need to have at least 4 years of experience as a plumber in order to become a master plumber. Before applying for licensure you must also pass a criminal background check and submit your fingerprints to the state board. Once you’ve finished these steps you must prove your financial stability by showing proof of a bond and submitting your bank statements to the board. Finally, when you’re ready your last step is to submit an application for licensure to the Florida board and include all your credentials and required hours of experience, along with your passing scores on the state exam so that you’ll be approved for licensure.

Florida Private Investigator License

The work of investigators in the state of Florida is quite interesting and intriguing. They are always busy solving various problems and unrevealing different cases. To operate in such an unpredictable and at the same time, interesting profession requires a Florida private investigator license, without which it is not legal to work in the state.

Some people think that getting a permit is a long, hard, and boring process. However, if you know the requirements and have the information on how to meet them, everything becomes easier. There is an application form that you should fill in by correctly showing your personal and criminal history and other important points. But, before that, you should pass an exam covering the topics of Florida law.

Florida Real Estate License

The first step in obtaining your Florida real estate license is to take the state-approved 63-hour pre-licensing course and pass the pre-licensing exam. The course focuses on real estate laws, principles and practice, and real estate math, you must pass the course exam with at least a 70% or higher. The next step would be to apply for the Florida real estate state exam, but before applying for the exam you must submit your fingerprints and a criminal background check to The Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR). Once submitted, you must take and pass the real estate exam which you must pass with a 75% or higher, and the required fee is $36.75. Once you pass the exam, you may download and print your temporary license until your verified license is activated 18 to 24 months after passing the examination. Also, your license is not fully activated until you have affiliated with a licensed broker. Finally, you may practice freely as a real estate agent in the state of Florida.

Florida Security License

If you want to work as a security guard in Florida, the first thing you need to do is to have a security license. It is, perhaps, the most demanding and, at the same time, essential step to take for getting closer to your dream. By and large, there are fixed requirements you should meet to be eligible for this job. Firstly, you should be no less than 18 years old and have U.S. citizenship. Depending on your training and license type, you can open doors to working at higher positions. If you opt for being an unarmed guard, you need to get a Class “D” license. Training of 40 hours is required for this. In case of a Class “G” license, you may go through weapons training. After that, you double the chances of moving forward. Completing an application is your next step. It is divided into some sections, where you are supposed to provide information. For example, your criminal history, training, experience, fingertips submission, etc. Not to miss any important details and know how much it costs, read the article thoroughly.

Florida Tattoo License

Almost all states require a license to become a tattoo artist. So, Florida is not an exception. In order to obtain a Florida tattoo license, you have to be at least 18 years old. You need to provide online tattoo certification, proof of competition, and a submitted application.

The Florida Department of Health is responsible for licenses. In order to get it, you have to pay certain amount of money for the application. In addition, you have to take training provided by the FDOH such as the Alliance of Professionals, Biomed Medical Compliance, Biologix Solutions LLC, and so on.

Check on the whole article to find more!

Florida Therapy & Counseling License

The first step in obtaining your counseling license in Florida is to complete and earn your bachelor’s degree in counseling, and be accepted to the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The next step would be to obtain your master’s degree in counseling and have coursework in substance abuse and human sexuality. You’ll also need to complete 280 hours of direct counseling practice in order to gain experience in your profession. Once you’ve completed your practicum and additional education, it’s important that you apply to become in intern and provide a criminal/educational background check for the Florida Department of Health. Once you’ve been approved as intern you must complete 1500 hours of supervised work experience in a clinical mental health setting, you must complete your supervised work over a 2-year period. When you’ve gained enough experience and required hours in your internship it is time for you take the National Counselor Examination (NCE) required by the Florida Department of Health, you must complete the exam with a passing score that meets the Florida state requirements. The final step is to apply for licensure and include all your credentials and hours of internship and coursework, once you’ve been accepted for licensure you must make sure to maintain your license by continuing education of 30 hours every 2 years.




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