Florida Security License

Florida Security License

Are you inspired by the idea of pursuing a career in the protection field? Are you keen on helping people and keeping their property out of danger? In this case, being a security guard can be the best option for you. It is one of the highly demanded professions, as safety is of utmost importance in today’s world. To achieve your license in Florida, firstly you need to meet all the requirements.

It is probably the first thing that can seem very tricky to you, isn’t it? Read the article below, which will provide detailed information about how to become a protection officer. and what requirements are necessary for it.

How to Get a Florida Security License?

If you wonder which kind of licensure matters most in getting your hands on a protection defender job, then it is a Class “D.” You should proceed Safety D Course to obtain it. It is a training of 40 hours, where you may have an understanding of the basic principles of this profession. You can complete this course only when the Florida State Department gives its approval.

It enables you to become an unarmed defense guard. But if you want to be eligible for an armed defense guard job, you need to get “G” Class Certificate. The latter shows that you have gone through a weapons traineeship as well. Furthermore, it increases the possibility of applying to higher positions.

What Are the Main Requirements for Becoming a Security Guard?

To be eligible for this position, you have to satisfy the following demands:

  • ‌Being at least 18 years old
  • Secondly, having U.S. citizenship or being a legal resident in this state
  • Thirdly, sending your application to the Florida Division of Licensing.

What does an application include?

Do you want to facilitate the approval process of your submission? Then, it is better to provide all the necessary documentation.

‌Your criminal history

If you have convictions or felonies/arrests, add all this information directly to your request.

Your training or gained experience

The completion of your traineeship will prove that the Training Facility has approved it. Working as a correctional officer is helpful. A copy of your ID could meet the course needs.

‌Notarization Statement

A notary should sign your submission. Other items to include are fingerprints, color photographs, and fees.

How much is insurance licensure?

Officers should pay fees for being registered. As a rule, it costs $45.

How to renew a safeguarding certificate?

You should extend your certification three months before the expiration date. The main ways are:

  • In-Person
  • Visit a nearby regional service to prolong in person.
  • Online

You will receive a mail from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It is likely to provide you with the main instructions for your application. You could start extending online while having “Division of Licensing RENEWAL NOTICE”. Also, a digital photo at your fingertips.

How to check your safeguard permission?

You could do a Safety Permission search by typing your name and registration number. So, you may see whether you have an active or passive status.

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