Florida Plumbing License

Florida Plumbing License

In Florida, to work as a plumber legally, you should be a licensee. Employers will not hire you if you don’t earn a plumbing license. Having it you will get many job opportunities. It allows masters to perform in the state or a particular region. This depends on the permit type.

For licensing you should pass training courses as any specialist does. Then you must take an exam consisting of 2 parts. After that, the Department decides whether to provide you with a license or not. Here your grade is decisive. And, sure, meeting the requirements is also important.

Being a skillful plumber in FL is not enough to work independently. If you plan to work on your own, you must obtain a Florida plumbing license. Regardless of the region possessing it you gain access to the job market. Besides, performing as a specialist without a permit violates Building Act 1993.

In this article, we will teach you what steps you should carry out to become a licensee.


Before an application for licensing, make sure that you meet the eligibility demands:

  • Being at least 18 y/o
  • High school diploma
  • 4 years of experience (The proof can be a certificate from another foreman, tax returns, and wage stubs.)
  • 1-year experience of a master
  • Passing a criminal background check (For this reason, you need to identify your fingerprint.)
  • Submission of the financial stability (You should bring bank statements, tax forms, or credit scores.)
  • Earning public responsibility and belongings damage insurances (Coverage policy is to be up to $25000.)

State and Local Plumbing Licenses

In FL, plumbers have several versions to start a professional path:

  • Registered or general contractor
  • Individual contractor

The first choice is favorable if you are going to act throughout the state. This is special for employers and businesses. Meanwhile, the second one can perform only in cities or counties. These options also have many subtypes, like residential, commercial, etc.
Accordingly, there are two kinds of permits:

  • Certified
  • Registered

The DBPR issues both of them.

How to apply?

Request forms for presenting to the Department are separate for each type. Above all, print and fill out the right sample. Then you must attach a receipt payable to the DBPR. The fee ranges from $209 to $354. You will see the exact amount mentioned in the form. Also, enclose the necessary documents. After that send them to the Department by mail. You are to wait for confirmation.


Like Illinois, here the certification might last 4 years. They give this period from the time you hand in your original request. During this interval, you need to take the test. There is no limit on the number of attempts.

The first thing you have to do for participation is register. For this purpose, you are to complete an appropriate sample. Check deadlines and dates in it. You have to pay a charge of $135.

The examination consists of two parts:

  • Business and finance test
  • Trade exam

Each of them takes 4.5 hours. They are paper-based or administered via computer. You are to answer 100 questions. The minimum required score is 70%. When succeeding you are able to own a certificate. To increase the percentage of success you may try training quizzes.

Where can I practice?

There are many schools where you learn everything related to this profession. Most of them offer online classes together with traditional education. One of these centers is Fort Myers Technical College. Here you will get fundamental knowledge.

Prices largely differ from one institution to another.

What are the stages of a plumber career?

They begin with an apprenticeship. Then improving skills they become a journeyman. This chain ends with a master.


You have to renew it biannually. Actually, it is very easy. Create an account on the Department website and follow the renewal instructions. The fee is $209.

Plumbing License Lookup

Databases are available online. Here you may verify credentials using the licensee’s name, city, LN, etc.

The platform allows you to download the records as well.


Unfortunately, Florida does not have interchange agreements. So, moving to or from another state you have to repeat the process.


DBPR mailing address: 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

Telephone: 850- 487- 1395



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