Florida Insurance License

Florida Insurance License

If you need to obtain the insurance license in Florida, then you can be provided with the needed information in this article on how to complete the required steps to lookup your Florida insurance license.

How do I get my insurance license in Florida?

In order to obtain the Florida insurance license and certification you should follow all the requirements successfully. Here are the qualifications for the license application:

  • You should be at least 18 years old to apply for the Florida insurance license certification.
  • You should be a resident of Florida.

In addition to the above-mentioned qualifications, you need to follow the steps that will lead you to obtain your insurance license.

Step 1 – Pass State Approved Insurance Courses

Pass the state approved educational courses before submitting the exam. The courses are required for all types of the licenses. After finishing the pre-licensing educational process, you will get your certificate.

Step 2 – Apply for Florida Insurance Education

Apply for your Florida license education. Once you finish the required educational course, you may move onto the next step that is submitting the application for the insurance license. The fee for the license application is $50 and an additional fee of $5 for the License ID.

Step 3 – Pass a Background Check

Submit your fingerprint and pass the background check. The state of Florida requires you to submit your fingerprint. The cost for the fingerprinting is $45.80 (and an additional tax). Your fingerprint will be forwarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement automatically. Then your background will be checked as well. The availability of any type of delinquencies will slow down the process of getting the insurance license.

Step 4 – Take the Licensing Exam

Take the licensing exam. You need to know that in Florida the exams for the Life, Accident, Health and Property and Casualty insurance licenses are taken together. So you should be more careful while sitting in the proper line for the exam.

Step 5 – Submit Insurance License Application

Submit the license application review. After passing the exam and getting your fingerprint and background check done, your license application will be reviewed by the state. If everything is in accordance with the state requirements, your insurance license will be issued.

How long does it take to get an insurance license in Florida?

You should consider that the process of getting the Florida insurance license will be proceeded within 4 weeks after presenting the required documentation. You will receive an email from the Florida Department of Financial Services if your application is approved.

How do I get a 440 Insurance License in Florida?

In order to get a resident customer representative 4-40 insurance license you need to complete several steps successfully. First of all you should know that this license is designed for the employees, who receive a salary, not for those who earn commissions from the sales. Here you may see the required qualifications for getting 4-40 insurance license in Florida:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be a resident of Florida, a citizen of the United States or a legal alien, who has received a work permission from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Note that this license is valid only if you work either in the office of the agency or the general agency. You can work only in one agency at the same time.

In order to complete the process of obtaining the 4-40 insurance license you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

Pass one of these designation programs:

  • Certified professional service representative
  • Professional customer service representative

Submit your application for the insurance license.

The applicable fee for the application is $50 and an additional 5$ for the License ID.

Get your fingerprint and background check done.

The cost for the fingerprint is $45.80 and additional applicable taxes.

Follow the licensing process in “My profile” section after submitting all the required documents.

You will also get a notification in case of the absence of any paperwork. If everything is correct and in accordance with all the requirements, then your application will be approved within 2 weeks.

What is a 220 license in Florida?

The Florida 2-20 license is needed for an individual to transact property, casualty, marine, surety or health insurance. The 2-20 license allows the agent to open his independent insurance agency or appoint 4-40 customer service representative. Here are the further steps to complete for getting your 2-20 insurance license.

Pass a General Lines Pre-qualification program.

You should finish 15 college semester hours related to casualty and property insurance. Note that some experience will let you take shorter courses.

In some cases the applicants are not required to pass the pre-qualification program. In case of at least one year of experience related to the casualty and property insurance fields, you do not need to take the courses. Also the applicants that hold the equivalent insurance license from another State, can skip the course. But they should apply for the insurance license within 90 days after becoming a Florida resident.

Take the exam successfully.

The exam includes 160 questions. The candidates should score at least 70% on the exam to complete it successfully.

Submit the application for the License and your fingerprint.

The applicable fee for the application is $50.

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