Florida Cosmetology License

Florida Cosmetology License

If you are a cosmetologist and you are moving to Florida or trying to become a cosmetologist there, you need to have Florida Cosmetology License. Each state has its rules and application forms for getting a license to work there. Here are the main steps on how you can get a cosmetology license in Florida.

How do I print my Florida Cosmetology License?

To print your Florida Cosmetology License you need to go by these steps.

  1. Login to your account on the Board of Cosmetology Website through this link.
  2. Choose your license.
    Under Licenses Linked to My Online Services Account you may see the licenses you have been issued. Choose one you need to print.
  3. Select to Print License Certificate
    Click on “Print License Certificate”
  4. You will need to answer some questions to verify your address on file is correct.
  5. Check your email.
    After answering the questions you will receive an email with your printable license and renewal certificate.
  6. After printing your license you will need to attach 2 x 2-inch photo of yourself and then laminate the entire certificate.

How do I get my Cosmetology License in Florida?

Here are the steps to get your Florida Cosmetology License.

  1. If you are at least 16 years old and have received your high school diploma, you can enter and complete 1200 hours cosmetology school program.
  2. You need to pass Cosmetology License Exam. You may learn more or register for your exam through this link.
    The exam has two parts: theory and clinical. Both parts should be passed within a two-year period of each other.
  3. Complete a 4-hour HIV/AIDS Training Course. To learn more or to register for the training visit the following page.
  4. After passing all above mentioned courses you may apply for your license by visiting the following page.

Do you need a Cosmetology License in Florida?

Yes, if you do Florida Cosmetology License lookup, you will see in the first line, that a Florida cosmetology license is required to perform cosmetology services. If you hold a current, active cosmetology license in another state, you may be eligible for endorsement in Florida. If you need more information about endorsement please visit this page.

How much does a Cosmetology License cost in Florida?

Upon completing the 1200 cosmetology training hours required for licensure, you must complete and submit an Application for Initial License Based on Florida Education to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, along with the fee of $78.

Then you will need to pay for HIV/AIDS training. Some institutions offer this training for $14.95

All cosmetologist licenses in Florida must be renewed on a biennial basis. The amount for license renewal is $55. To renew your cosmetologist license, you must also complete at least 16 continuing education units.

You may scroll up and see not only the results for Florida Cosmetology License lookup but for other professions for all states.

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