Florida Auto Dealer License

Florida Auto Dealer License

If you are considering starting an auto dealer business in Florida, then you are in the right place. Make your Florida auto dealer license lookup and you will see that in case of selling more than 3 cars annually, you have to obtain an auto dealer license. Of course, it requires time and paperwork, but it is worth it. There are several things to keep in mind when you decide to apply for the license in Florida. Let’s get started.

How do I get an auto dealer license in Florida?

So here is your guide through to get started Florida motor vehicle dealer license lookup.


Take a pre-licensing dealer course

First off, get ready for learning. To obtain an auto dealer license in Florida, it is required to take a pre-licensing course at an approved licensed dealer school (online/offline). Whether you want to be an independent or a wholesale dealer, you have to complete a 16 hours course. For a franchised dealer 8 hours are enough. That’s why first you need to choose which type of license you want to apply. After completing the required course, you will get a certificate of completion.

Choose your company structure

It would be preferable to consult with professionals to understand which structure is best for you. Among the options are CORPORATION: S or C; LLC; LLP; SOLE PROPRIETOR; or PARTNERSHIP (Sole Proprietors working in partnership).

Pick a business location

Next step which is very important is to find a location for your company. It should meet location criteria (Instructions to Form 86056 – Page 2) and be approved by DMV Compliance Examiner.

Gather all the required documents

  • Completed application, HSMV Form 86056
  • Copy of lease for location or proof of ownership.
  • Copy of the pre-licensing dealer training course completion certificate
  • Copy of registration of business and/or fictitious trade name(s) with Florida’s Secretary of State, Division of Corporations (available on-line at www.sunbiz.org)
  • Copy of corporate papers, corporate meeting minutes showing the election of corporate directors; Articles of Incorporation if the dealership is a Corporation or Incorporation; Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement if the dealership is a Limited Liability Company; or a Partnership Agreement if the dealership is a Partnership.
  • Federal employer I.D. number
  • Sales tax number
  • Fingerprints and applicable fees ($54.25 per person)
  • General and garage liability insurance (see page 3)
  • Original surety bond

Apply for the license

After gathering all the required documents you can apply for your license by filling in the following form.

Can I get a dealer license without a lot in Florida?

The short answer would be no. You can start an auto dealer business in Florida without a business location. Of course, there is no need for a big location for many cars but you need a business address to register your company and get your dealer license:

  • Exact address
  • Non-residential address
  • Office area at least 100 square feet
  • Sufficient parking space
  • Proof of ownership or lease

How much does an auto dealer license cost in Florida?

If you are planning to obtain an independent, wholesale, auction, salvage or franchise license the application fee is $300. You can find in 86056 form instructions page 16.

Can a convicted felon get an auto dealer’s license in Florida?

Getting an auto dealer license in Florida with a convicted felony depends on your case, you’d better consult with an attorney, explain your case and get a precise answer.

We hope you have successfully completed your Florida auto dealers license lookup. Now it’s time to obtain your auto dealer license.

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