Florida Engineer License

Florida Engineer License

Here is your dream profession: one of the hardest and most interesting professions that take responsibility for so many lives. This is why being just an engineer is not enough: every year more and more engineers work hard to become licensed professional engineers. More than 44.000 professional engineers are licensed in the State of Florida, and the Florida Board of Professional Engineers is responsible for protecting the interest of public health. The Florida Board of PEs regulates the practice of engineering in the state by making rules and reviewing the license applications of engineers.

We have made a short article with all the information you need if you want to become a professional engineer in the State of Florida: it will help you to settle everything step by step.

Can I practice engineering without having a license?

Any engineer can practice in Florida with several restrictions: an engineer can’t establish an engineering firm or own it without being licensed. Also, he or she can’t sign and seal engineering plans or drawings.

Why become a PE in Florida?

Becoming a Professional Engineer licensed in Florida allows you to act as an expert and a consultant in engineering. This will bring you a higher income and more career options in your life. You have your clients’ trust as a certified professional engineer.

How can I become a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Florida?

  • First comes your educational background: you have to hold a Bachelor’s degree from an ABET-accredited engineering science or engineering technology program: it usually takes four years to earn a degree.
  • Next, you must take two exams: one is the Fundamentals of Engineering, and the other is the Principles and Practice of Engineering. Although you don’t need any engineering experience to take the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, it is evident that it would be easier for you to get a passing score if you have an engineering experience of at least four years. After you pass the exams with a good score, the time to gain experience follows.
  • You have to complete four years of progressive engineering experience under a Professional Engineer’s supervision.
  • Apply for a license as a Professional Engineer through the Florida Bar of PEs.

How to maintain your license if you are already a PE?

  • Renew your license every two years so it will be up to date,
  • Update your contact information so the state regulatory agency can contact you,
  • Improve your skills and implement continuing education requirements.

How can I check the PE’s license?

We have made a search tool to check the license of a Professional Engineer. Here you can search for the credentials of a licensed engineer to know if his license is up to date. You just need to enter data on the engineer in the upper part of this page. If you are a Professional Engineer, with this tool you can also view what information others will see when they search for your license number, this is why we recommend keeping your license up to date.

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