Florida Barber License

Florida Barber License

Many salons are looking for good hairstylists near you. But they do not hire such a professional master as you because you still dօn’t have your Florida barber license.

This article will assist in getting it and building your new career.

How to Become a Certified Barber in FL

Florida barber license requirements are almost the same as in the case of cosmetology. The minimum acceptable age of an applicant is 16 years. Here we gathered the whole mandatory steps you must go through in order to qualify.

1. Education

You need to learn at least 1000 hours at BB accredited beauty schools. Another option is 1200-hour coaching activities. For restricted coiffeurs, the program is a little bit different. They should complete 600-hour courses that don’t include chemical hair care. This kind of permit allows to perform:

  • cutting
  • shaving
  • shampoo
  • blow-drying hair
  • using tonics and sprays

They CANNOT provide services like:

  • permanent waving
  • coloring
  • chemical straightening or relaxing

If you are searching for appropriate school programs, FLDOE website can be helpful.

2. Application

Nowadays it is completely possible to submit applications in online and offline ways.

  1. When you prefer the first option, you may pay with a bank card. For that, you just need to sign up with your email address or ID and follow the system instruction.
  2. If you choose the second one, attach the check payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to your letter. First, you fill in the form by hand after printing it. Then, together with the all needed documentation, send the package by mail. You’ll find more detailed information in the form.

You should involve a certificate stating your HIV/AIDS lessons completion. Upon your request approval, you may appoint a day and location with Pearson Vue.

What about applicable fees, they differ from time to time. It depends on permit type as well. In general, the amount ranges between $150-250. Some people, including veterans and military personnel, are able to receive discounts with preferential terms.

3. Exam

The next action is taking a written exam. The Bureau of Education and Testing organizes, reviews, and scores all examinations. They utilize the Pearson Vue system. Test content fields differ based on license types.

  • A barber
    In this case, the test consisted of 100 questions. You should solve them within 3 hours.
  • A restricted barber
    There are 30 questions covering hairdressing laws and rules. You have 1 hour to finish.

DBPR issued guide contains comprehensive information about test topics. You will be able to receive your certificate by mail upon succeeding.

How Do I Renew My Permit?

When you refresh your certificates, you are to complete 2 hours of initial HIV/AIDS training. You must pass it a maximum of two years before the renewal. The deadline is July 31st of every even-numbered year. If you don’t manage to refresh your paper, it becomes void or expired. So, you have to explain the reason (illness or financial hardship).

After proper instruction, you need to register on the DBPR website and pay the required fee. The school where you study the course should report your education hours to them. When you log in to your account, select the type of your license suggested in the menu and apply for renewal.

Do they send the original copy?

The Board stopped delivering paper versions of documents. According to the rule, you have to print and laminate it by attaching your 2X2 photo.


Endorsement means that you don’t have to take a new exam in FL if you hold an active permit in another state or country. This is possible if that state’s licensing requirements are similar or more rigorous than Florida’s. Two kinds of endorsement are:

  • Out-of-state

To apply, you pay a fee and show a document of your participation in two-hour CE.

  • Out-of-country

The process is almost the same. In addition, you should submit an education evaluation. Take it from the NACES member credential evaluation service.

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